Latest Purchases Including the First Print On Demand Book

Purchases, Sept. 9th, 2014

Purchases, Sept. 9th, 2014

I usually write my weekly blog on the weekend or soon after. Since I am up to date on that end, there must be a reason that this post is coming quite early. The reason is that in my wanderings I finally came across the first Print On Demand book. You can see more details about these books in this post and this post. The NCL Essentials, the name given to the print on demand books by the marketing department at M&S, were books I had never seen in person until now.

Although the print on demand endeavor had a short lifespan, ebooks killed the market for these type of books, the NCL, according to my research, managed to sell thirteen titles before ceasing operations. See this page for the names of the titles. The one I found is pictured below:

NCL Essentials - The Tomorrow-Tamer

NCL Essentials – The Tomorrow-Tamer

At one time, I thought these books only existed on the internet, but I was convinced otherwise by correspondence with followers of this blog, employees and ex-employees at M&S/Random House of Canada, but having a copy in my hands is the best proof of all.

During my search I also came across a Series Six trade paperback which leads me to believe that perhaps these books aren’t as hard to find as I previously thought. I now think that, being previously unfamiliar with these books, I missed them while concentrating on the earlier series I recognized quickly on book sellers’ shelves. See the image at the top of this post for the books I found.


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