Street of Riches & The Stone Angel: Series One No-Shows

It has been over a year since I began this website in order that the New Canadian Library, one of the most important imprints in Canadian literature,  would have its proper presence on the internet. Reading the library for the past 25 years, collecting it casually since the mid-nineties, and seriously collecting it for the past 2 years, there are two books that stand out as particularly hard to find, and noticeable enough among the hundreds of NCL books to be missed.

Street of Riches and The Stone Angel are not very difficult to find in any series in the library except Series One. In the series I am missing twelve titles, but only the two books mentioned have I not been able to find a copy being sold somewhere online or in my local used book stores.

Being one for bargain shopping, I have purchased the 56 Series One books I have for the price of a dollar or less, which leads me to think I can find the other twelve at a similar amount. Therefore I have supressed the urge to buy the missing titles for the crazy prices you find on sites like abebooks or ebay, especially when you include the shipping cost.

Series One Faux-Image

Series One Faux-Image

If you have perused NCL Collecting you have noticed that there is a menu item titled The Book Covers Project where I have put every book cover of every book from every series in the NCL. I have mostly completed every series except Series Two (at the time of this post it is about 80% completed and will be uploaded soon). When I come across a title I know exists, but is not in my collection, I look online to find it. When that proves fruitless, I create a generic faux-image of the series book and put it in its place. But this procedure although fun for me to create, is a poor substitute for the true image itself.

What I need is the covers themselves and since they are not to be found online I will ask the readers of this blog for help. Do you have either of these two books in Series One? Are you willing to scan the book and send me the image? If yes, leave a comment at the bottom of the post and I will contact you.

Your fellow NCL collector,

The Ignorant Intellectual.



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