Another Variation and Latest Book Purchases

Stephen Novik, a reader of this blog, mentioned in a comment on the Variations & Errors Page another variation that occurred in 1979. The book is NCL’s N44 title Sarah Binks by Paul Hiebert. It seems that the NCL had a tie-in with, or was capitalizing on, a play that ran in the early 70s, that was having a revival scheduled for the early 80s. The play was called The Wonderful World of Sarah Binks and starred great Canadian actor Eric Donkin. Donkin, the only actor in the play, took up the role of Rosalind Drool, a Sarah Binks enthusiast, and from what the reviews have said, the play was a great success.

The NCL book shows an image of Donkin in his role, and nothing on the cover indicates that the book is an NCL imprint. That is, according to Mr. Novik who own a copy, until you look inside and see the title page. Here is what Mr. Novik stated:

“I have a copy of Paul Hiebert’s “Sarah Binks” that nowhere on the front or back cover nor the spine suggests it’s a NCL edition. It is black with a b/w photo of actor Eric Donkin as “Miss Rosalind Drool” from a comic presentation entitled ‘The Wonderful World of Sarah Binks’, produced by Albert St. Productions of Stratford, ON. Only on the title page does it indicate its number (44). Included is an introduction by A. Lloyd Wheeler.”

I searched around and found an image of the front cover of the book in question:

Sarah Binks Play Tie-In Variation

That is Eric Donkin starring back at you as Rosalind Drool. Perhaps Mr. Novik could let me know if he could scan the front cover, spine, back cover, and inside pages up to and including the copyright page, so that we can see the important covers and pages as well.

If we move on to the books I have found over the last week or so, the image is below, they include a Series Two/Series Three Hybrid that I mentioned in my previous post A Series Two/Series Three Hybrid and four other books.

Purchases, Oct. 25, 2014

Purchases, Oct. 25, 2014

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