Welcoming Copp Clark Studies in Canadian Literature

Copps Clark Studies in Canadian Literature Charles G. D. Roberts by W. J. Keith cover

Charles G. D. Roberts

Around the time M&S were releasing their New Canadian Library Series Two Writers (1969-1970), Forum House, an imprint of Coles Book Publishers, began releasing Canadian Writers and Their Works, a series of books that Coles hoped would either steal some sales away from the NCL, or join the NCL in expanding the market for books of this type. Not to be outdone, Copp Clark, a company that has been around since 1841, publishing everything from books, to games, to flags and stationary, decided to jump into the fray with its Studies in Canadian Literature series.

The books came in a variety of colours and designs, they were thin like their NCL and Forum House competitors numbering around 100 pages. As with their NCL and Forum House counterparts, the books wrote about a well established and great Canadian author, his life and works, and a bibliography at the back of the book. Interesting to note, Copp Clark combined two authors into one book, for at least one of the titles (Sinclair Ross & Ernest Buckler).

Copp Clark Studies in Canadian Literature E. J. Pratt by Sandra Djwa cover

E. J. Pratt

The books began with numbering, at least up to five, but at some point they dropped the numbers and just put out the books with SCL on the spines. Writers included in the series that I know of are Charles G. D. Roberts, Brian Moore, Frederick Philip Grove, Morley Callaghan, Hugh MacLennan, Al Purdy, Margaret Avison, A. M. Klein, Earle Birney, E. J. Pratt, and Sinclair Ross & Ernest Buckler. Perhaps a reader of this blog can let us know if any others exist. To my count there are eleven books of twelve authors in the series.

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