Hitting the Mother Lode

Hitting the Mother Lode

Hitting the Mother Lode

With every book I add to my NCL collection there becomes one less book out there in the world that I can find. Or, to be more precise, that I have use for.

As time passes, I must realize that each time I go out in search of books, and my collections increases, there will be times when finding a single book will feel like a boon.

Although I have not reached that point yet, there have been times where my searches have been fruitless. In fact, finding two or more books each time I go on a search is becoming rare.

That is why it was quite surprising when I decided to brave the -20 degree weather this week in search of new additions and found not two, not five, not ten, but thirty-eight books.

Everywhere I went, every thrift shop and used book store, I found books. Not just a few either, I found dozens. My only explanation is that a few people unloaded their book collections and those collections included many NCL books.

Of the thirty-eight books, twenty-six were from the NCL. The others are from the NCL’s main competitors. All will be added to their respective locations on the site over the coming weeks.

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