LL 44 – The French Canadians, Volume Two by Mason Wade

The French Canadians, Volume Two by Mason Wade (Laurentian Library 44) front coverThe French Canadians, Volume Two

From the Back Cover:

Volume Two of Professor Wade’s monumental work, which attempts “to explain why the French Canadians live, think, act and react differently from English-speaking North Americans”.

“One of the greatest books ever written about Canada.” Bruce Hutchison The Victoria Times

“No student of Canadian history, nor anyone who wishes to understand that most important of all Canadian issues, the relations of French and English, can afford to be without this book.” Richard M. Saunders The Canadian Historical Review

“It is without question one of the most important books ever written about Canada by anyone.” Hugh MacLennan Saturday Night

The cover illustration is a reproduction from an oil painting by Clarence A. Gagnon: Village in the Laurentian Mountains, c.1925

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