Thomas H. Raddall

Thomas H. RaddallThomas H. Raddall

NCL Biography:

[From Series Two At the Tide’s Turn]

Thomas H. Raddall was born in 1903 at Hythe, near Folkestone, England, and his family moved to Halifax when he was ten years of age. Five years later his father who was an instructor in the British Army was killed in action at Amiens, and young Raddall enlisted as a wireless operator at the age of fifteen. For four years he served as radio operator on board transports and at radio stations along the Nova Scotia coast and Sable Island where he acquired the background for his writing. In 1923 he became an accountant for a pulp mill on the Mersey River in Nova Scotia and it was at this time he began writing his stories.

Raddall’s published works, which embrace short stories, novels, and histories, include The Pied Piper of Dipper Creek, 1939; His Majesty’s Yankees, 1942; Roger Sudden, 1945; The Wedding Gift and Other Stories, 1945; Pride’s Fancy, 1946; The Wedding Gift and Other Stories, 1947; Halifax: Warden of the North, 1948; The Nymph and the Lamp, 1950; Tidefall, 1953; The Wings of Night, 1956; The Path of Destiny, 1957.

Three times winner of the Governor-General’s Award, he has also received the Lorne Pierce Medal from the Royal Society of Canada.

Books in the NCL:

At the Tide’s Turn and Other Stories [N9]
The Nymph and the Lamp [N38]
Roger Sudden [N85]
Pride’s Fancy [N98]
His Majesty’s Yankees [N133]

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