Mazo de la Roche

Mazo de la RocheMazo de la Roche

NCL Biography:

[From Series Two Delight]

Born in 1885, Mazo de la Roche is native of Toronto which has been her home throughout her life. Although she was intended for a career in art, she soon developed a preference for writing., and published her first novel in 1923. But it was with Jalna, which won the $10,000 Atlantic Monthly prize in 1927, that her fame became assured, and the international popularity which she has enjoyed ever since.

Fourteen titles followed in the Jalna series: Finch’s Fortune (1931), The Master of Jalna (1933), Young Renny (1935), Whiteoak Harvest (1936), Whiteoaks (1939), Whiteoak Heritage (1940), Wakefield’s Course (1941), The Building of Jalna (1944), Return to Jalna (1949), Mary Wakefield (1949), Renny’s Daughter (1951), The Whiteoak Brothers ((1953), Variable Winds at Jalna (1954), and Centenary at Jalna (1958). As well as the Jalna books, Miss de la Roche has published Explorers of the Dawn (1922), Possession (1923), Delight (1926), Low Life (1928), Portrait of a Dog (1930), The Very House (1937), The Two Saplings (1942), and her autobiography, Ringing the Changes (1957)

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Delight [N21]

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