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Henry KreiselHenry Kreisel

NCL Biography:

[From The Rich Man Series One Book]

Henry Kreisel was born in Vienna in 1922, and received his elementary and secondary schooling there. Following the Nazi occupation of 1938 he escaped, with the help of relatives, and fled to England. He got work in a textile factory in Leeds. Because of his Austrian nationality he was interned in 1941 and sent to Canada. He was released after a year and entered the University of Toronto, where as an undergraduate he led his class in the field of English Language and Literature. He took his Master’s degree in 1947, and in 1954 got his Ph.D. from the University of London. He is now professor of English at the University of Alberta.

Since the publication of The Rich Man in 1948, he has published short stories in Prism, Queen’s Quarterly, and in the collection Klanak Islands. Some of his stories have appeared in anthologies and have been translated into German and Italian. His stories have also been read in the C.B.C. program “Anthology,” and in 1960 he was awarded the President’s Medal of the University of Western Ontario for his story “The Travelling Nude.” He has written radio plays for C.B.C., “Wednesday Night” and C.B.C., “Stage.” And his critical articles have appeared in Tamarack Review, Queen’s Quarterly, Canadian Forum and Dalhousie Review. In 1960 he was elected a Fellow of the International Institute for Arts and Letters.

Books in the NCL:

The Rich Man [N24]
The Betrayal [N77]

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