M. Allerdale Grainger

M. Allerdale GraingerM. Allerdale Grainger

NCL Biography:

[From Series One Woodsmen of the West]

Martin Allerdale Grainger (1874-1941) was born in London, England, the son of the Agent General for South Australia. After a brilliant career at King’s College, Cambridge, as Exhibitioner, Prizeman, and Wrangler in the Mathematical Tripos, he spent the next few years as placer miner in northern British Columbia, trooper in Lord Robert’s Horse in South Africa, teacher of jujitsu in London, and logger on the west coast. As Secretary of the Royal Commission on Forestry, he was chiefly responsible for writing the Forest policy; and as Chief Forester from 1916 to 1919 and in private business, he continued to serve the forest industry and the province. Although he contributed articles to various journals, Woodsmen of the West was his only large-scale work.

Books in the NCL:

Woodsmen of the West [N42]

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