Anna Brownell Jameson

Anna Brownell JamesonAnna Brownell Jameson

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[From Series Three Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada]

Anna Brownell Jameson was born in Dublin in 1794, the daughter of the artist Denis Brownell Murphy. In 1825 she married Robert Sympson Jameson, who was in 1833 appointed attorney general of Upper Canada. She joined her husband in Toronto in 1836 where she gathered the material for Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada, which she published on here return to England in 1838. Her other books include Characteristics of Women (1832), Visits and Sketches (1834), and her magnum opus in in the form of a series of books on art criticism (1841-1861). The chief of these was her four-volume work, Sacred and Legendary Art. She died in London, England in 1860.

Books in the NCL:

Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada [N46]

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