Dennis T. Patrick Sears

Dennis T. Patrick SearsDennis T. Patrick Sears

NCL Biography:

[From Series Three The Lark in the Clear Air]

Dennis T. Patrick Sears was born in Vancouver in 1925, and subsequently moved with his family to Saskatchewan and then to Ontario. As well as serving in both the navy (World War II) and army (Korea), Sears worked at a variety of jobs, including policeman, cow-puncher, lumberjack, and farm-hand, before turning to journalism in 1966 (with the Kingston Whig-Standard) and finally writing. His first novel, The Lark in the Clear Air was published in 1974 to enormous critical and commercial success. Sears died in 1976 as the result of complications following surgery. Another novel, Aunty High Over the Barley Mow was published posthumously in 1977.

Books in the NCL:

The Lark in the Clear Air [N186]


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