Janette Turner-Hospital

Janette Turner-HospitalJanette Turner-Hospital

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[From Series Three The Tiger in the Tiger Pit]

award-winning novelist Janette Turner Hospital was born in 1942 in Australia, where she grew up. She came to Canada in 1971, but has also lived in the U.S., England, and India.

Her critically acclaimed novels – The Ivory Swing (winner of the Seal First Novel Award in 1982); The Tiger in the Tiger Pit (1983); and Borderline (1985) – were published internationally. The Ivory Swing and The Tiger in the Tiger Pit were both nominated in the U.K. for the Booker Prize, and Borderline was declared runner-up for the Australian National Book Award at the Adelaide Arts Festival, 1986. A collection of short stories, Dislocations, appeared in 1986. In Canada, she was recently named as one of the “Ten Best Young Fiction Writers.”

Her short stories have won awards in both Canada and the U.S. and have also appeared in the U.K., Australia, and in translation in Europe. Two of her stories have received distinguished recognition: on was anthologized in The Editor’s Choice: The Best American Stories of 1985; the other was awarded the $10,000 Ladies’ Home Journal short story prize.

Hospital was writer-in-residence at M.I.T. in Boston for 1985-86. She lives in Kingston with her husband and their two teenage children, and is currently working on her next novel.

Books in the NCL:

The Tiger in the Tiger Pit [N194]

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