Rohinton Mistry

Rohinton MistryRohinton Mistry

NCL Biography:

Rohinton Mistry was born in Bombay, India in 1952. After receiving his B.Sc. (1974) from the University of Bombay, he immigrated to Canada the following year and settled in Toronto, where he worked in a bank. He began writing stories in 1982, while attending the University of Toronto, where he received his B.A. (1984)

In his collection of short fiction, Tales from Firozsha Baag (1987), Mistry explores with compassion the intersecting lives of the inhabitants of a Bombay apartment building. Such a Long Journey (1991), his first novel, charts the moral journey of a hard-working bank clerk in a turbulent Bombay of political and social change. And A Fine Balance (1995), his second novel, chronicles the intertwined lives of four people as Indira Gandhi proclaims her absolute rule in 1975.

Books in the NCL:

A Fine Balance [–]
Such a Long Journey [–]
Tales from Firozsha Baag [–]

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