MP 17 – Dancer in the Dark by Joan Barfoot

Dancer in the Dark by Joan Barfoot (Macmillan Paperback 17) front coverDancer in the Dark

From the Back Cover:

A virtuoso performance…you can hardly bear to put it down.” – London Free Press

A powerful story of obsession, infidelity, and retribution.” – Sunday Star

Dancing in the Dark is an extraordinary tour de force, in which Joan Barfoot, author of the prize-winning novel Abra, enters the consciousness of Edna Cormick, perfect wife, secret dreamer and murderer.

For 20 years Edna worked hard, striving day after day to keep herself, house and husband in sparkling condition, each reflecting the perfection of the marriage. Determined to give her best, Edna allowed herself only one lapse from duty, a few minutes of a dream.

Some afternoons, when the day’s cleaning was over, she would put on a favourite record, lie down in her perfect living room, close her eyes and for half an hour dance, dance and sing…

Was it perhaps this one weakness that proved to be the fatal flaw?

Taut, ironic, finely felt and written, Dancing in the Dark will disappoint none of the many admirers of this talented Canadian novelist.

Dancing in the Dark is now a major Canadian motion picture.

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