MP 37 – The Loved and the Lost by Morley Callaghan

The Loved and the Lost by Morley Callaghan (Macmillan Paperbacks 37) front coverThe Loved and the Lost

From the Back Cover:

This is probably Mr. Callaghan’s finest, and certainly his tenderest novel.” – Saturday Night

The Loved and the Lost tells the story of rich and poor Montreal. The Carvers live on the mountain and frequent elegant restaurants and clubs, while Peggy Sanderson and her friends live in tenements on the back streets and visit jazz bars to mingle with the black community.

Columnist Jim McAlpine arrives in 1950 to work for the Carvers and haunt the other Montreal by night. McAlpine is drawn to the aristocratic Catherine Carver, but is also fascinated by Peggy Sanderson. He tries to live in the two worlds and is ultimately rejected by both.

Morley Callaghan is an internationally acclaimed author of many novels and dozens of short stories. In honour of his distinguished contribution to Canadian literature, he was made a Companion of the Order of Canada in 1982.

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