MP 33 – Each Man’s Son by Hugh MacLennan

Each Man's Son by Hugh MacLennan (Macmillan Paperback 33) front coverEach Man’s Son

From the Back Cover:

“What is distinctive about Each Man’s Son is its warmth and intimacy….Expertly planned and executed, it is the most human of his books.” – Globe and Mail

Is it right to covet another man’s son, or to try to secure one’s own marriage with someone else’s child? This is the problem that profoundly disturbs Dan Ainslie, the brilliant doctor who ministers to the rough-and-ready miners of his native Cape Breton Island. Forty-two and still deeply in love with his wife, Margaret, Ainslie longs for a son that he can never have. And so he comes to love the young Alan MacNeil, whose father deserted him and his mother Mollie several years before.

The return of Archie MacNeil, a broken-down prizefighter, to the Island brings shattering and violent tragedy to the lives of these people, who are among the most memorable characters Hugh MacLennan has ever created.

Hugh MacLennan is the winner of five Governor General’s Awards for fiction. The Macmillan Paperback series includes three of his other novels: Two Solitudes, The Watch That Ends the Night, and Return of the Sphinx.

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