MP 40 – A Book of Grey Owl: Selected Wildlife Stories by Grey Owl

A Book of Grey Owl Selected Wildlife Stories by Grey Owl (Macmillan Paperbacks 40) front cover A Book of Grey Owl: Selected Wildlife Stories

From the Back Cover:

“If you are staunch of heart and strong in small adversities, and can face the sun and the wind…we’ll take a voyage down this river, you and I.”

Grey Owl, blood-brother of the Ojibway, trapper and guide, lived and worked in the Canadian frontier in the 1920s, and these selections from his writings show his understanding of the wilderness and its creatures to superb advantage.

As Grey Owl became aware that industry was damaging the environment, he gave up his livelihood as a trapper to become a lecturer and writer, in an effort to help others see the need to protect Canada’s wilderness.

These selections are taken from his four books: The Men of the Last Frontier, Sajo and Her Beaver People, Pilgrims of the Wild, and Tales of an Empty Cabin. The stories tell of the wildlife that make the woods their home – the beaver, the bear, and the moose; of the frontiersmen and their life on the trail; and of the North American Indians, who lived on the land long before the Europeans arrived. It is a fascinating introduction to the magic of Grey Owl’s world, a collection of tales that has captured the admiration of readers around the globe.

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