NCL 42 – Woodsmen of the West by M. Allerdale Grainger

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Woodsmen of the West by Allerdale Grainger (New Canadian Library N42)

Series One

From the Back Cover:

A Cambridge scholar came to the Canadian West at the turn of the century and stayed to become a legend, Chief Forester of British Columbia, and author of Woodsmen of the West.

In a novel inspired by experience and observation the wide-swinging vital woodsmen of the Pacific Coast spring to life against the vivid background of forest, mountain and ocean.

First published in a small edition in 1908, this fine novel now becomes available for the first time to the many who will enjoy Grainger’s unique story and spirited style.

Woodsmen of the West by M. Allerdale Grainger (New Canadian Library) front coverSeries Four

From the Back Cover:

When WOODSMEN OF THE WEST first appeared in 1908, most readers could not relate to its rendering of the rough edges of logging-camp life. M. Allerdale Grainger refused to sentimentalize the West – he drew from life. While his dramatic and loosely structured tale is at heart a love story, it also tells of what happens when the novel’s British narrator encounters a small-time logging operator whose obsession with lumber is matched by his lust for power over other men.

Today the novel is recognized as marking a significant shift in fiction written in and about the Canadian West. The accuracy of its detail makes it one of the finest examples of local realism in Canadian writing. It s also a fascinating chronicle of conflicting personalities, and of the genius of British Columbia hand-loggers, the culture of camp life, and the intrigues and corruption of the lumber business at the turn of the century.

The New Canadian Library edition is an unabridged reprint of the original text, complete with the original photographs.

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