CI 22 – Bousille and the Just by Gratien Gélinas

Bousille and the Just by Gratien Gélinas (Clarke Irwin Canadian Paperbacks 22) front cover

Bousille and the Just

From the Back Cover:


When Bousille, an earnest and self-effacing innocent, becomes a key witness in the Montreal murder trail of his cousin, the family are passionately concerned that his testimony should exonerate the accused and clear their good name. The situation points up the prevailing self-deception of the modern world which, while professing its belief in God and spiritual values, pursues Mammon with all its energies.


Gratien Gélinas is undoubtedly Canada’s best-known actor and playwright. His play Tit-Coq was performed, in French and English, more than 500 times. Bousille and the Just has also been produced many times in French and English, both on stage and on TV.

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