NCL 125 – A Candle to Light the Sun by Patricia Blondal

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A Candle to Light the Sun  was not included in Series One.

A Candle to Light the Sun by Patricia Blondal (New Canadian Library N125)Series Two

From the Back Cover:

Haunting in tone, stamped with originality, and genuine drive, Patricia Blondal’s A Candle to Light the Sun is a mesmerising work of fiction, its raw candor striking with the impact of cold metal on exposed nerves. Characters are drawn with meticulous accuracy, the atmosphere crackles with dramatic intensity, and the themes–major and minor–are woven together in a tightly knit fabric of magical prose. First published in 1960, this beautifully-realized novel received warm praise from artists of the highest calibre… Gabrielle Roy, Hugh MacLennan, Irving Layton, Margaret Laurence, and Hugh Garner, to name a few. A novel of growth, of deprivation, of compassion, cruelty, courage and weakness. It is fired with irrepressible energy and unopposable vision.

The untimely death of Patricia Blondal in 1959 cut short one of the most promising Canadian writing careers of the half-century. Ms. Blondal managed to complete two novels before her demise, the other one being From Heaven With a Shout, which appeared in 1963.

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