MP 24 – The Little Immigrants by Kenneth Bagnell

The Little Immigrants by Kenneth Bagnell (Macmillan Paperbacks 24) front coverThe Little Immigrants

From the Back Cover:

“An excellent social history, well organized, logical, clearly written, suspenseful…a vivid recreation of a forgotten corner of Canadian history.” – Edmonton Journal

One year on the national bestseller lists.

Between 1870 and the Depression, more than 80,000 impoverished children from the British Isles journeyed to Canada in an extraordinary but almost forgotten odyssey. They were known as the “home children”, sent overseas by well-meaning philanthropists to solve the colony’s farm-labour shortage, but beneath that benign description was a heart-rending story of lonely and frightened youngsters to whom a new life in Canada meant only hardship and abuse.

The Little Immigrants is the unforgettable account of the suffering and heroism of these children, told with compassion, skill, and poignancy.

“A scrupulously researched, delicately textured, well-balanced account.” – Maclean’s

“A readable and affecting tale of Dickensian pathos.” – Vancouver Sun

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