MP 3 – Our Lady of the Snows by Morley Callaghan

Our lady of the Snows by Morley Callaghan (Macmillan Paperbacks 3) front coverOur Lady of the Snows

From the Back Cover:

“Morley Callaghan’s 16th novel is quite a story. Indeed, it’s proof that the venerable mesmerizer, at 82, has lost neither his romanticism, his naturalism, nor his touch. He remains a master mariner of yarn-spinning.” – Harry Bruce, Montreal Gazette

In this edition, Morley Callaghan’s 1985 best-seller appears in paperback for the first time. Set in Toronto today, it tells the story of Ilona Tomory, a glamorous prostitute whose sympathetic treatment of her customers baffles the onlookers while enraging the other hookers who frequent the hotel where the action is centred. There, under the eye of Gil Gilhooley the barman, we see Ilona’s life collide with those of several men ranging from a judge to a vicious Cabbagetown enforcer.

This is a tough, sexy novel (suggested by the story The Enchanted Pimp), yet it also causes us to stop in awe and marvel at the mystery of life. It is, as the Winnipeg Free Press said, “both powerful and appealing”. And the Calgary Herald called it “A novel of real people, real streets, real life”.

Born in Toronto in 1903 Morley Callaghan has been publishing wonderful novels since 1929. His classic, Morley Callaghan’s Stories, will also appear in Macmillan Paperbacks.

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