MP 11 – From the Fifteenth District by Mavis Gallant

From the Fifteenth DistrictFrom the Fifteenth District by Mavis Gallant (Macmillan Paperback 11) front cover

From the Back Cover:

“Superb…From the Fifteenth District brings us Mavis Gallant at the height of her powers.” – Robert Weaver, Toronto Star

When this marvellous collection of short stories was published in hardcover in 1979, it set the Canadian literary world afire. The stories, set in a variety of European countries over the past forty years, were clearly so exquisite that Mavis Gallant and her work deserved to be celebrated. Here is a selection of what the reviewers said:

Robert Fulford, Canadian Reader: “The most consistently brilliant of her six books…One begins comparing her best moments to those of major figures in literary history. Names like Henry James, Chekhov and George Eliot dance across the mind. Gallant’s accomplishment is on an extraordinary level.”

David Williamson, Winnipeg Free Press: “Mavis Gallant is finally receiving the attention many believe she has always deserved… What Alice Munro does for the domestic lives of Canadian women, Mavis Gallant does for the lives of expatriates. I would hate to have to choose which of these two is the better writer…”

Ivon Owen, Books in Canada: “I’m certain that there isn’t a finer living writer of fiction in the English language. There couldn’t be.”

Mavis Gallant is a former Montrealer who lives in Paris, where she writes regularly for The New Yorker. Her two most recent books are Home Truths (which won the Governor General’s Award) and Overhead in a Balloon (1985).

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