MP 13 – Morley Callaghan’s Stories by Morley Callaghan

Morley Callaghan's Stories by Morley Callaghan (Macmillan Paperbacks 13) front coverMorley Callaghan’s Stories

From the Back Cover:

“Apart from the literary merit of the stories, this book is beautifully replete with a message of human tolerance and love.” – Wyndham Lewis

Morley Callaghan’s stories have already won a secure place in the literature of our time, and the best of them are represented here, in this 1959 collection. “These are the ones,” the author wrote, explaining his selection, “that touch times and moods and people I like to remember now.”

Reviewers have been delighted by the book, some claiming that it shows Morley Callaghan at his very best. Eric Nicol noted: “His style is bone-simple and hard, to avoid any intrusion by the author in his characters… his brief tales have tremendous integrity.”

Robert Fulford called Callaghan “a major writer on any terms… who has frequently touched greatness”, while the American critic Edmund Wilson wrote: “The stories are extremely well told. The details, neither stereotypical nor clever… the casual gestures of the characters, have a naturalness that gives the impression of not having been invented.”

Born in Toronto in 1903, Morley Callaghan is one of Canada’s greatest novelists and short-story writers. His most recent novel, Our Lady of the Snows (1985), is also available in Macmillan Paperbacks.

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