CI 28 – Yesterday the Children Were Dancing by Gratien Gélinas

Yesterday the Children Were Laughing by Gratien Gélinas (Clarke Irwin Canadian Paperbacks 28) front coverYesterday the Children Were Dancing

From the Back Cover:


Gratien Gélinas’ most recent play presents candidly and with remarkable insight the vital issues currently dividing Quebec. Pierre Gravel, a lawyer, is offered the federal justice portfolio but is unexpectedly faced with the opposing views and violent methods of André, his son and leader of a terrorist plot. The bitter conflict which follows brings father and son to realize the extent of their ideological commitments, and reveals the complexity of emotions underlying the unrest. Yesterday the Children Were Dancing has lost none of its forcefulness in translation.


At last, at long last, a play that deals directly and forthrightly with the central fact of the Canadian conscience; a play in which people drawn from observation face head-on significant emotional and political crises; a play which disturbs, unsettles, and amuses and vaults to an extraordinary level of political insight in the scene that is its artistic raison d’être and justification. (Nathan Cohen, Toronto Daily Star)

His attentiveness to realism, his profound intellectual honesty, his sincerity, are an essential element in the landscape of significant Quebec literature  (Gerald Godin, Poet/Freelance writer)


Among the first to be awarded the Order of Canada Medal of Service for his outstanding contribution to Canadian theatre, actor/playwright Gratien Gélinas is perhaps most widely known for his characterization of the lead roles in his plays Tit-Coq and Bousille and the Just; and for having founded, in Montreal, Le Théâtre de la Comédie Canadienne which was devoted to presenting Canadian plays and talent.

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