LL 36 – A Broken Journey by Morley Callaghan

A Broken Journey by Morley Callaghan (Laurentian Library 36) front coverA Broken Journey (LB)

From the Back Cover:

First published in 1932 and long unavailable, this early novel shows the psychological insights that have made Morley Callaghan one of Canada’s most eminent writers.

The course of the steadfast love of the young lawyer, Peter Gould, for Marion Gibbons, daughter of one of his clients, and her ambivalent passion for him moves from a Toronto squeezed in the grip of the Depression to reach its resolution in a remote community in Northern Ontario. There, in the uncompromising wilderness, they hope to escape the pressures that had threatened their happiness in the city, but discover there are other forces they cannot escape, especially Marion’s own sensuous nature, the desperately denied legacy of her passionate, thwarted mother.

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