NCL 117 – Down the Long Table by Earle Birney

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Down the Long Table  was not included in Series One.

Down the Long Table by Earle Birney (New Canadian Library N117)

Series Two

From the Back Cover:

A novel as realistic as it is satiric, Earle Birney’s Down the Long Table presents and enduring procession of political and human characters from two separate eras of social and political upheaval. The hero is Gordon Saunders, a Canadian professor at a U.S. college during the McCarthy years, who is found to have a past in Depression-era Canada that was peopled with Stalinists, Trotskyites, socialists, agitators and malcontents of every cast and hue, from casual pink to radical Red. As a Congressional investigative storm ranges around him, he reflects on his rose-tinted past. In the midst of social satire and social comment, Earle Birney has created a truly original fictional character–a classic humanitarian innocent, abroad in a brutal political world where everyone’s playing for keeps.

A major Canadian poet and recipient of the 1950 Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for his humorous novel Turvey, Earl Birney has created, in Down the Long Table, a novel of satiric depth and lasting literary delight.

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