NCL 126 – This Side Jordan by Margaret Laurence

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This Side Jordan  was not included in Series One.

This Side Jordan by Margaret Laurence (New Canadian Library N126)Series Two

From the Back Cover:

Margaret Laurence’s first novel, This Side Jordan is a sensuous immersion in the colour-drenched world of Ghana during the 1950’s. Here, against an exotic African backdrop, the author works out her themes of self-betrayal, struggle and pride. An enticing tale, given added breadth and depth through her accomplished artistry. This Side Jordan is impeccable in its detail, rich in language, finely tuned to the rhythmic nuances of speech, and unerring in its perception of the complex African reality. With characterizations as memorable as those in The Stone Angel and Jest of God, with themes of exile and community, of mixed tragedy and joy, later to be amplified in The Fire-Dwellers and The Diviners, Margaret Laurence created in This Side Jordan a novel that conjures up the African atmosphere of conflicting cultural duality in terms that have universal application, in a work of universal appeal.

Margaret Laurence ranks among the foremost novelists of the twentieth-century. She continues to exert a powerful influence in the literature of Canada and the rest of the English-speaking world.

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