NCL 61 – Samuel Marchbanks’ Almanack by Robertson Davies

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Samuel Marchbanks' Almanack by Robertson Davies (New Canadian Library N61)

Series Two

From the Back Cover:

Taking pen in hand, Samuel Marchbanks, philosopher, purveyor of trivia and benefactor of mankind, once again proves there is nothing so beneficial to the weary and heavy-laden of the world as a good belly laugh. As the reader proceeds through the zodiacal year from Aries to Pisces, he will find an infinity of information and rumination on matters important and unimportant, orthodox and outrageous. Who would remain unmoved by the discourse of yo-yo virtuosity of the reflections on the Modern Reader! Who will not share the righteous anger of Mr. Marchbanks toward the civil servant, Mr. Hydra, on the gross inconvenience of Daylight Savings Time! The reader will also have the opportunity of meeting other such remarkable characters as Dr. Raymond Cataplasm, the lawyer, Mordecai Mouseman, Mrs. Kedijah Scissorbill, the committee woman, and even Dick Dandiprat, the great practical joker. There can be no better tonic for flagging spirits than Marchbanks’ Almanack. [Robertson Davies]

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