NCL 113 – Dust Over the City by André Langevin

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Dust Over the City  was not included in Series One.

Dust Over the City by André Langevin (New Canadian Library 113)

Series Two

From the Back Cover:

An inspired work which finds it voice in the basic language of the human heart, Dust Over the City has earned itself and enduring position in the literature of French Canada and of Canada as a whole. With characters and action securely rooted in the contemporary realities of a small Quebec mining town, André Langevin extends his story’s scope to a broad range of universal themes. Rich in dramatic intensity, powered by an artful and immediate narrative interwoven with sensitive imagery, the novel is a stirring evocation of the tragic effects that a cowed and stifled society can have upon the qualities of exuberant spontaneity and delighted intoxication with life.

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