NCL 121 – The Disinherited by Matt Cohen

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The Disinherited  was not included in Series One.

The Disinherited by Matt Cohen (New Canadian Library N121)

Series Two

From the Back Cover:

With The Disinherited, Matt Cohen emerged from the ranks of Canada’s finest “young writers” to stand among the unquestioned talents contributing to the recent upsurge in Canadian literature. A novel of great wit and humour, immense in the scope of its conception, brilliant in its execution, The Disinherited can be seen in many lights. Peter Newman found it “a beautiful book about people discovering each other too little and too late.” Margaret Atwood called it “a finely-told story of the decay of a generations-long way of life and of the fierce family infighting over who is to inherit or escape.” And John Moss, editor of The Journal of Canadian Fiction, claims in his introduction that “Cohen has created a vision shot through with sexuality that compounds, deepens and darkens the myths of rural life.”

Moving through vast dimensions of seasons and cosmic cycles, still unerring in its depiction of details and the events of everyday life, The Disinherited is a richly textured tapestry of dreams, ancestral memories and haunting symbols, a work of major literary proportions.

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