NCL 139 – The Cruelest Month by Ernest Buckler

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The Cruelest Month  was not included in Series One.

The Cruelest Month by Ernest Buckler (New Canadian Library N139)Series Two

From the Back Cover:

Five people, seeking escape, thinking to find piece of mind in a secluded country guesthouse instead, they find they are faced with themselves. As the harsh April wind strips away their pretensions, each individual’s exposed wounds are laid bare to the searing sun and each is awakened to the passions they scarcely knew existed.

Taking its place with Ernest Buckler’s two other enduring classics of Canadian literature, The Mountain and the Valley and Ox Bells and Fireflies, this novel is imbued with Buckler’s distinctive and highly acclaimed genius which finds its roots in Nova Scotia and speaks to the broad community of man.

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