NCL 149 – Wooden Hunters by Matt Cohen

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Wooden Hunters  was not included in Series One.

Wooden Hunters by Matt Cohen (New Canadian Library N149)Series Two

From the Back Cover:

A subtle mesmerizing work of fiction by the author of The Disinherited and The Colours of War, Wooden Hunters possesses the kind of substance, energy, and sheer readability that are crucial ingredients in the popular and artistic success of Matt Cohen.

Explosive emotions and the violence of elemental living–spiked with alcohol and drugs–erupt in the primitive atmosphere of an island forest off B. C. mainland. It is the story of Laurel Hobson, which unfolds against a background of haunting, sensuous realism. Given robust and enduring existence through the virtuosity of Matt Cohen, the people in Wooden Hunters live out their passions and conflicts in an atmosphere of tension and antagonism. This resilient masterpiece, large in scope and precise in characterization, is an enormously satisfying reading experience.

Matt Cohen is a major figure in contemporary Canadian literature. His novels and short stories are read, studied and enjoyed by many enthusiastic readers.

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