NCL 119 – The Plouffe Family by Roger Lemelin

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The Plouffe Family  was not included in Series One.

The Plouffe Family by Roger Lemelin (New Canadian Library N119)Series Three

From the Back Cover:

“Lemelin reveals with joyous forthrightness the little absurdities of volatile, decent, poor people of Quebec’s lower town…The Plouffe Family is first-rate entertainment.” – Globe and Mail

Throughout the 1950’s, Quebec’s Plouffe Family charmed and amused the entire Canadian nation in a weekly radio and television series that made them the best-known and best-loved French Canadian family–fictional or actual–in the country.

When he wrote The Plouffe Family in the late 1940’s, Roger Lemelin set the revolution of modern Quebec literature in motion, leading other authors into the area of social realism. In this story of the strongly Catholic, warm, demonstrative, and charming Plouffes, the author has created both a delightful family portrait and an ironic satire on church and state as they existed in the urban Quebec of the decade.

With Lemelin’s other works of fiction, the novel has become a major contribution to Canadian literature.

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