NCL 156 – The Scorched Wood People by Rudy Wiebe

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The Scorched Wood People  was not included in Series One and Series Two.

The Scorched Wood People by Rudy Wiebe (New Canadian Library N156)Series Three

From the Back Cover:

The Scorched-Wood People is a passionate and profoundly tragic vision of the past. This is a book you’ll want to share–it’s that exciting, that powerful, that important, that good…” – Pacific Northwest Review of Books

Two titanic figures out of Canada’s past, two men united by a common foe…With the same epic scope and vision that created the Governor General’ Award-winning The Temptations of Big Bear, Rudy Wiebe recreates the explosive atmosphere of the Northwest Rebellions and the two men who led them. Here are Louis Riel, portrayed with an authenticity that brings him to vivid life, and Gabriel Dumont, Riel’s commander-in-chief. And here is a recreation of the agonizing chapter in Canadian history which can never be forgotten.

Written with powerful clarity and compassion, The Scorched-Wood People is an immense achievement, an important historical document which is also a compelling story of men and women caught in the grasp of circumstances they could no longer control.

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