NCL 194 – The Tiger in the Tiger Pit by Janette Turner Hospital

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The Tiger in the Tiger Pit  was not included in Series One and Series Two.

The Tiger in the Tiger Pit by Janette Turner Hospital (New Canadian Library N194)Series Three

From the Back Cover:

“Sensual…explosive and terribly alive…” – Kingston Whig Standard

The Tiger in the Tiger Pit revolves around a family which has split geographically as well as emotionally. Edward and Elizabeth Carpenter’s fiftieth wedding anniversary will bring everyone together for a long overdue reunion. The days leading up to the occasion are filled with a disquieting tension, and, as we gradually learn more about the family’s past, the pieces in a dynamic puzzle of conflict and misunderstanding begin to fall into place. The Carpenters are portrayed with dazzling insight and clarity, and through them something is revealed about the capacity in us all for savagery, love, forgiveness and passion.

Hospital is a master storyteller, who weaves her characters and situations into an intricate design. Her ability to cut to the bone of the human spirit will strike rich chords of recognition and emotion.

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