NCL W8 – Hugh MacLennan by Alec Lucas

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Hugh MacLennan  was not included in Series One, Series Three, Series Four, Series Five and Series Six.

Hugh MacLennan by Alec Lucas (New Canadian Library W8) Series Two

From the Back Cover:

Alec Lucas is a professor of English at McGill University. He took his B.A. and M.A. at Queen’s University and an A.M. and Ph.D. at Harvard. Former editor of the Humanities Bulletin, Dr. Lucas has written extensively and given many broadcast talks on Canadian Literature. He has been the editor of several books, of which The Best of Peter McArthur is the most recent, and is currently preparing an anthology of Canadian short stories.

CANADIAN WRITERS is a series of handbooks designed to provide the student and general reader with compact and inexpensive introductions to significant figures on the Canadian literary scene. Each book is written expressly for the series by an outstanding Canadian critic or scholar and provides besides a comprehensive critical approach to a given author, useful biographical and bibliographical information.

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