NCL 95 – Feast of Stephen by Robertson Davies

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Feast of Stephen  was not included in Series One.

Feast of Stephen by Robertson Davies (New Canadian Library N95) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

Most Canadians could be divided into three types of people: recent Leacock converts, confirmed Leacock addicts, and serious Leacock students. Here is a book for all three types of Canadians. Perhaps the most palatable diet of Leacock delicacies ever to be served on one platter, it is garnished by Robertson Davies’ now famous commentary on the great humorist’s  writings, a commentary which is enthusiastic in its approval and, in some cases, piercingly spiced with dissension.

The collection covers every aspect of Leacock’s humour–benign nonsense, earnest moralizing, and, perhaps surprisingly for those les familiar with his work, biting satiric barbs. The menu, of course, is mainly for pleasure, so let readers everywhere settle back and enjoy this first paperback edition of a very rare Feast of Stephen.

Novelist, playwright, humourist, essayist, and critic, Robertson Davies, is one of Canada’s most prominent literary figures. Of his numerous books, two–A Voice from the Attic and Marchbanks’ Almanack–are available in the New Canadian Library.

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