NCL NN – Hetty Dorval by Ethel Wilson

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Hetty Dorval  was not included in Series One, Series Two, or Series Three.

Hetty Dorval by Ethel Wilson (New Canadian Library) front coverSeries Four

From the Back Cover:

The confluence of two great rivers – the shimmering Thompson and the murky Fraser – provides a symbolic backdrop for HETTY DORVAL, Ethel Wilson’s engaging tale of innocence and experience. Seeking refuge from her mysterious past, the beautiful Mrs. Dorval arrives in a small British Columbia town, where she befriends a young schoolgirl, Frankie Burnaby. As Frankie pieces together Hetty’s story “by inference and by strange chance,” she begins to realize that her enigmatic idol is also a treacherous opponent.

A remarkable first novel, HETTY DORVAL was not published until the author was almost sixty years old. But this wise and graceful novel is an expertly crafted work, stamped with the technical adroitness and mature intelligence that are the hallmarks of Ethel Wilson’s art.

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