NCL NN – Mrs. Golightly and Other Stories by Ethel Wilson

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Mrs. Golightly and Other Stories  was not included in Series One, Series Two, or Series Three.

Mrs. Golightly and Other Stories by Ethel Wilson (New Canadian Library) front coverSeries Four

From the Back Cover:

The eighteen pieces collected in MRS. GOLIGHTLY AND OTHER STORIES bring together the many and subtle voices of Ethel Wilson, demonstrating her extraordinary range as a writer. From the gentle mockery of the title story to the absurdist reportage of “Mr. Sleepwalker,” Wilson exerts unerring narrative control. Revealing what is “simple and complicated and timeless” in everyday life, these stories also venture into irrational realms of experience where chance encounters assume a malevolent form and coincidence is transmuted into nightmare.

First published in 1961, MRS. GOLIGHTLY AND OTHER STORIES is a diverse and rewarding collection, unified by Ethel Wilson’s distinct and engaging wit.

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