NCL 187 – Lives of Short Duration by David Adams Richards

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Lives of Short Duration  was not included in Series One and Series Two.

Lives of Short Duration by David Adams Richards (New Canadian Library N187) front coverSeries Three

From the Back Cover:

“Lives of Short Duration is that art form, crammed and vivid with images that leave an impression on all the senses, impossible to either ignore or forget.” – The Whig-Standard, Kingston

David Adams Richards undertakes an engaging exploration of profound and universal themes that is unique in Canadian literature. The self-destruction of a particular family living in the Miramichi Valley yields a vision of human life that follows economic collapse and cultural disintegration. Richards powerfully and compassionately gives a voice to his family. His vision is created with an inventive, passionate intensity and reverberates with disquieting rhythms. Lives of Short Duration is a gripping and compelling testimony.

Lives of Short Duration by David Adams Richards (New Canadian Library) front coverSeries Six

From the Back Cover:

The Terris are engaging people, but they are a family in collapse. Alcoholism, drugs, and loveless sex have reduced them to a petty and wasted bunch. Worse, they typify aspects of the large community besieged by financial woes and by creeping economic and cultural Americanization.

Even more now than at its first publication in 1981, Lives of Short Duration‘s sharp, essential insights have significance for readers seeking to understand the modern Canadian predicament. [David Adams Richards]

“A powerful and potent novel.” – Jeffrey Canton

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