NCL O8 – Nineteenth-Century Narrative Poems edited by David Sinclair

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Nineteenth-Century Narrative Poems  was not included in Series One.

Nineteenth-Century Narrative Poems edited by David Sinclair (New Canadian Library O8) front cover Series Two

From the Back Cover:

The publication of this group of poems by six of Canada’s early poets is of particular literary importance, because they have nearly become lost in the realms of obscurity.

Each in its own way reflects the emotional climate of the country a century ago; the poets’ fears and awe of this vast wild continent, and their homesick yearnings for the civilization which they left behind. Assembling works by Oliver Goldsmith, Joseph Howe, Charles Sangster, William Kirby, Alexander McLachlan and Isabella Valancy Crawford in one volume makes possible a genuine comparison of their styles and attitudes, and their success in fusing these attitudes into valid poetic expression. [David Sinclair]

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