NCL O9 – The Poems of Bliss Carman

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The Poems of Bliss Carman  was not included in Series One.

The Poems of Bliss Carman (New Canadian Library O9) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

“… a dramatis personae of forces at once human and natural… enamelling nature with primary colours and peopling it with the pagan gods of the turning year. ” Northrop Frye

Springing from experiences common to every individual, the poetry of Bliss Carman is filled with joy for the sensual and spiritual delights of the natural world. His rhythmic lyrics are powered by strong emotions, alternating between the brooding and the euphoric, creating intense and inventive inner landscapes.

The Poems of Bliss Carman provides a perfect introduction to this prolific Canadian poet, a favourite of readers for close to a century. This representative selection spans his entire career, from the famous “Low Tide on Grand Pre” (his first published poem), on through the many popular books which he published between 1893 and 1929.

Bliss Carman, one of Canada’s foremost poets, was born in New Brunswick in 1861, a cousin of the prose master, Charles G. D. Roberts.  His career produced thirty-six volumes. including poetry, prose, and plays. He was awarded the Lorne Pierce Medal of the Royal Society of Canada for distinguished service to literature, as well as the Poetry Society of America Medal.

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