NCL 85 – Roger Sudden by Thomas H. Raddall

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Roger Sudden  was not included in Series One.

Roger Sudden by Thomas H. Raddall (New Canadian Library N85) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

In this exciting blend of historical and fictional adventure, Thomas Raddall introduces a young English aristocrat to the New World, to the British garrison at Halifax already crowded with settlers, to a wooden wilderness where French, British and Indians are fighting for possession of the North American continent. The young Englishman is Roger Sudden, a cynical young man from Kent, disillusioned with his Bonnie Prince Charlie, escaped to adventure, determined to fulfil his dreams of wealth and power. The story of his fate is violent and strange. In time he became one of the richest, most ruthless traders in Canada. In the end, through a bitter, ironical twist of fate, he emerges a mature man of heroic proportions.

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