NCL 74 – Winnowed Wisdom by Stephen Leacock

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Winnowed Wisdom  was not included in Series One.

Winnowed Wisdom by Stephen Leacock (New Canadian Library N74) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

“But your farmers,” he said. “They are wonderful! What courage! What tenacity! To have come here and stayed here! It is wonderful!” Thus the French baron, who is visiting Western Canada for the first time in “New Light From New Minds,” which contains many other such gems of insight.

Also not to be missed in this extraordinary funny Leacock collection is the section called “Outlines of Everything,” especially designed to help busy people assimilate essential knowledge as quickly as possible. (What kind of knowledge you assimilate is another question altogether!)

Other moments of delight are contained in “French Politics for Beginners,” “How My Wife and I Built Our Home for $4.90,” “The Children’s Column, ” “The Gasoline Goodbye” …but it is useless to continue. There is only one thing to do about this book – buy it and read it.

Winnowed Wisdom by Stephen Leacock (New Canadian Library N74) front coverSeries Three

From the Back Cover:

Another hilarious potpourri of Leacock, Leacock, and more Leacock!

The timeless quality of Stephen Leacock’s humour has never been more apparent than in this superb collection of short sketches, stories, and anecdotes. Throughout his writing career, Leacock used his talents to make light of the endeavours, habits and incidents common to all.

On the subject of Mother’s Day he describes an all too familiar situation: mother herself gets to make all the day’s preparations. Adding a page to the classic fisherman’s tale about the one that got away, Leacock tells The Story of What Was Found in the Fish. And in Old Proverbs Made New he turns adage to epigram.

Fondly preserved in this delightful classic is the wit and charm of Canada’s best-loved humorist.

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