NCL 106 – Canadians of Old by Philippe Aubert de Gaspé (Charles G. D. Roberts, Translator)

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Canadians of Old  was not included in Series One.

Canadians of Old by Charles G. D. Roberts (New Canadian Library N106) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

“The work’s popularity is due not so much to the Corneille-like dilemma that faces the principal characters as to the personal recollections of the author, which…even overflow into notes and explanations every bit as worthy of attention as the plot itself.” Thus the Dictionary of Canadian Biography describes Philippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspe’s Les Anciens Canadiens. No other work provides as vivid, as authentic a presentation of everyday life and social customs on the seigneuries of Old Quebec prior to the British Conquest. Written by one who grew up among people who lived at that time, the book is rich in folklore, fact and legend.

It is fitting that a classic work which draws on the earliest phase of Canadian history should have been translated by the first imposing figure in Canadian literature, Charles G. D. Roberts. Rendering the story in an elegant, classic style, Roberts drew on his own literary and poetic talents to avail English-speaking Canadians of an invaluable treasure from their cultural heritage. This present edition of Canadians of Old extends the availability of that treasure to modern readers.

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