NCL 67 – Behind the Beyond by Stephen Leacock

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Behind the Beyond by Stephen Leacock (New Canadian Library N67) front CoverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

Here is an essence of Leacock – a rich and diversified sampling of the ever-changing spectrum of his talents. Behind the Beyond says Donald Cameron, who has written the introduction of the present edition, “is one of the best books of Canada’s greatest humorist, and one of the most characteristic.” Here you will find such varied delights as the three-act “Modern Problem Play,” from which the book takes its title, “Parisian Pastimes,” Leacock’s irresistible sketches of his tourist experiences; “Familiar Incidents,” a section which includes such gems as “With the Photographer,” and “My Unknown Friends.” And Last but not least are the superb “Making a Magazine,” “Homer and Humbug,” and “The Retroactive Existence of Mr. Juggins” – three of Leacock’s most brilliant and original pieces. Behind the Beyond, as Mr. Cameron says, “reveals Leacock at the very apex of his powers.” It is an opinion bound to be confirmed by the armies od Leacock-fanciers, as well as by those who have still to discover the pleasure of his company.

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