NCL 128 – I Am Mary Dunne by Brian Moore

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I Am Mary Dunne  was not included in Series One.

I Am Mary Dunne by Brian Moore (New Canadian Libray N128) front coverSeries Two

From the Back Cover:

A breathtaking plunge into the dark realms of human existence. I Am Mary Dunne is a triumphant tour de force that maps one desperate day in the life of a woman caught in the vortex of obsessions, slipping dangerously close to the black world of madness. To be Mary Dunne is to be thirty-three years old, pretty, married to a third husband, unfulfilled as an actress and a playwright, thrust into the past, tortured with guilt, caught between lies and truth, cursed with a crisis of self. In creating the voice of Mary Dunne, an in sustaining it throughout this fierce, uncompromising novel, Brian Moore has achieved a singular literary triumph that takes confident control of the very essence of novel-writing.

Brian Moore’s novels dominate most critic’s lists of contemporary literary classics and include such popular successes as Judith Hearne, The Luck of Ginger Coffey, An Answer from Limbo and Catholics. I am Mary Dunne is the sixth of the ten novels he has written to date.

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