NCL NN – No Love Lost by Alice Munro

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No Love Lost  was not included in Series One, Series Two and Series Three.

No Love Lost by Alice Munro (New Cnadian Library) front coverSeries Five

From the Back Cover:

Alice Munro is universally acknowledged as one of the finest short fiction writers in English. Bringing together ten incomparable stories from six different collections, No Love Lost confirms her pre-eminent status. Focusing on many paths of falling in love, each of these stories of ordinary people reveals new truths about people as real – and as extraordinary – as ourselves.

In this unique gathering of stories, Jane Urquhart writes of the brilliance of Munro’s fiction, suggesting that Munro’s genius guides us “through love’s labyrinth, insisting all the while that we keep our eyes wide open to its complicated foliage, its shadows, its piercing blasts of light.”

No Love Lost is an original New Canadian Library collection.

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